Which fonts are going to be on my customisable balloons or boxes?

We have done tens of thousands of customised, personalised helium balloons and we have an extensive repertoire / library of fonts that look great, depending on the balloon type, size, length of your text & what occasion your balloons are for. We personally think that in 99% of cases, you can simply “trust us” with the selection of your font(s).

But, if you want something very specific, of course we’re happy to accommodate your request. We understand our business as bringing joy to you and the people you’re sending our balloons, flowers & cakes to, therefore, whatever we can do to make your experience (party)perfect, we will try to do.

If you want to request a specific font, you can do it the following two ways:

  • Browse through our helium balloon bouquets and let us know which font you like. You can either send us the link to our product or a picture / screenshot. We will know what to do! You can also specify it in your order notes, saying “I would like the font to be like product ‘xyz’ please”
  • Go to dafont.com or Google Fonts and browse through their extensive libraries of fonts. All of those fonts are publicly available and you can simply send us the link to a specific font or the name of it and we’re happy to download them for you and use them on our helium balloons or boxes.

It’s that easy.

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