Business Balloon Decorations: Organic Balloon Garland for Central Medicare

We are happy to share one of our recent business balloon setups for Central Medicare on the IRGCE (International Rubber Glove Conference & Exhibition), which took place in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

This beautiful & complex Organic Balloon Garland has a total length of 20 feet (6.10 meter) and consists of 150 balloons of various sizes and colors. We weren’t given any specific colors, only the theme. Under those circumstances, we think that we’ve matched the brands colors perfectly.

Have a look at the stunning final result, together with Central Medicares fully set up booth.

Of course this is a fully custom-made balloon decoration setup for businesses, so we don’t have this specific product in our store, but the highlights in here are our amazing Chrome Latex Balloons (11 inch) in gold and three of our Jumbo Latex Balloons (36 inch). 

As this whole organic balloon garland has been inflated with air instead of helium, it comes at a very reasonable price for businesses that wish to have something extraordinary for their product launches, exhibitions booths or any special event. Furthermore, it allows the balloons to last much longer than being filled with helium.

Here is another picture of the full booth arrangement, with our Organic Balloon Garland in the background.

What are Organic Balloon Garlands?

Organic Balloon Garlands are defined by the various sizes, shapes and (matching) colors that balloons have in a larger balloon bouquet or arrangement, instead of a uniform pattern like for example a balloon arch (as seen above).

Arranging balloons as an Organic Garland can have a more fascinating and mesmerizing effect on your potential customers than small bouquets or uniform patterns. These irregularities draw more attention and seem to have “naturally grown”. Therefore these balloon arrangements are called organic.

We love to create custom arrangements for business events or your special private party! Please feel free to contact us with your personalised request. Your (and our) imagination is the limit.

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