Helium Balloons Birthday Setup “Mom” at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to arrange a beautiful, custom birthday setup at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur for one of our customers. While the staff was extremely busy getting the dinner buffet ready, we came prepared to be in & out within 10 minutes, just like a great service should work. As if we’ve never been there.

Our balloon bouquet includes various items from our shop that we have carefully curated to match the customers expecations.

The centerpiece of our helium balloon setup is made of our extra large 34 inch letter balloons in rose gold. To the left and right, we have placed a collection of our chrome latex balloons, of course including helium inflation.

As the special and custom made highlight and our shops absolute bestseller, our Deco Bubble Balloon completes the setup.

What are Deco Bubble Balloons?

Deco bubble balloons are made out of a special, very durable kind of plastic, which is see-through (transparent) and stretchy. As you can see in the picture, it is usually filled with other, smaller balloons to achieve the bubble effect. Our  bubble balloons are imported from Japan, of the highest possible quality and come in a 24 inch size.

The best thing about them is, they’re fully customizable. We especially love the combination of icons and wording!

We also offer options for special effects, such as an LED strip around the balloon and our popular balloon-in-a-box concept, which is great for gender reveals.

Have a look at all of our deco bubble balloon options.

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