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  • Ombré Balloon Backdrop

    5 out of 5
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  • Crystal Clearz 18″ (Incl. Helium)

    RM30.00 Select options
  • Platinum Diamond Ring Foil Balloon (Incl. Helium)

    RM55.00 Select options
  • Deluxe Surprise Proposal Room Decoration

    4.6666666666667 out of 5
    RM539.00 Select options
  • Extravagant Surprise Proposal Room Decoration

    RM829.00 Select options
  • Best Day Ever Foil Balloon (Incl. Helium)

    RM23.00 Select options
  • Simple Surprise Proposal Room Decoration

    5 out of 5
    RM369.00 Select options
  • Orbz – Multi-film I Love You (Incl. Helium)

    RM55.00 Select options
  • Love Letter Foil Balloon (Incl. Helium)

    RM25.00 Select options
  • Wedding Reception & Dessert Table 18″ Confetti Balloon Decoration (incl. 10 Helium Balloons per set)

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  • Jumbo 40″ Wedding Photoshoot Decoration Letter Balloons “LOVE”

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  • Wedding Chair & Seating Balloon Bouquet (incl. 5 Helium Balloons per Set)

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  • Wedding Decoration Balloon Set (50pc, incl. Helium) for Walk-in, March-in

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  • Giant 36″ Wedding Balloon Bouquet (10pc, incl. Helium & Custom Writing)

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