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Hearts and Roses Designer Cake RM139.00
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It’s all about the money, money, cha-ching! A bubble balloon in box filled with everyone’s favourite four-letter word – $$ C A S H $$! Release a strip of cash money when you untie the ribbon of this bubble balloon box. Add on LED light strip to make the bucks sparkle!

  • Customised 24″ bubble balloon with helium (so it floats!)
  • Includes 6 mini balloons in your choice of colours
  • Box colours in white or black (subject to availability)

Why am I paying more than the actual cash amount?

Unfortunately, we have to pay transaction fees of at least 3% for every order. If you’re ordering our money balloon box with RM1,500 in cash, that means we have to pay RM45 in fees for that alone. As we’re of course not making any money on just withdrawing cash for you, we can’t absorb that through the product price itself and therefore have to add those 3% to the cash amount.

Important: For cash amounts above RM150, the LEDs might be around the box instead of around the balloon, depending on the notes that we’ve received from the ATM. Please also note that we can’t guarantee specific denominations, as we can’t control what we’ll get from the ATM.

Disclaimer / Terms & Conditions

Don’t open / untie the money balloon box outdoors or in building / rooms with extra high ceilings. While it is extremely unlikely (and never happened), the balloon could untie itself from the string or bottom weights and float away. We will not be held responsible for your cash amount, but will only refund the money balloon box if it malfunctions.

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