Reaction to Putrajaya Hydrogen Balloon Explosion Incident

In light of the recent sad news that we read about balloon explosion during an event in Putrajaya, we would like to emphasize and assure our customers that we use 100% pure helium gas for ALL of our helium products and helium is a natural, non-flammable, non-toxic gas. It is lighter than air and is safe for the environment.

Helium mixed with hydrogen is used often by other vendors to save cost. We use only the highest quality of pure helium gas imported from Singapore. Helium gas is incredibly rare now and we’re facing a worldwide shortage for almost a year now hence why more and more other vendors are using mixed or pure hydrogen gas to save cost! This is honestly upsetting because it is highly dangerous especially when most people celebrate their birthdays with candle lit cake and have what they thought is “helium” balloons around as decor. 

Accidents like this can happen especially when mixed gases including hydrogen and cheap, low quality balloons are used. We use only the highest quality balloon brands such as Sempertex (Columbia), Qualatex (US), Anagram (US), T-Bubble (Japan), Betallic (US). 

Explosions would never happen with our balloons even if you put it in front of a flame. The balloons will burst from the extreme heat naturally but would never cause an explosion.

Our customers can rest assured and purchase with relief knowing our balloons are safe to have around and that you’re paying for the highest quality of balloons and helium possible and at a competitive and affordable price, too!

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